MyCYT Story 2020 Branch Winner: ANDREW THOMAS

Up Next! Our fourth Branch Winner announcement is: ANDREW THOMAS from CYT Tri-Valley! Check out Andrew’s full story entry below:

I have always loved the art of storytelling; something attracts me to sharing a world with individual characters having their personal dreams and journeys, and sharing relationships with one another. Now, however, I am going to go through my journey, and how my dreams came true through CYT; a community of friends and parents who dedicated their time to loving me the best they possibly could; showing me the true love of Jesus.

When I was new to CYT, I was fond of musical theater, but that wasn’t why I loved CYT so incredibly much. It was the community of kids and adults that loved God and loved me that made me feel so included and at-home there. However, when I was in middle school, my parents split, which impacted me greatly. Due to this and my age in general, I was struggling with my identity. But the constant response from CYT was love and acceptance. At CYT, I was safe with friends that were leaders to me; seeking God first; which was inspirational to me.

When I was thirteen, I started experiencing spiritual hurting; taking another stab at my identity. It became hard to see anything good in myself. I became dependent on my CYT family that poured love and support into me. When I was fourteen, God miraculously healed me and changed my life, but CYT was the group that kept me going through it all.

Now, CYT has become a place for me to build my character in Christ. It has been such a joy to see old friends, make new ones, and to lead my younger friends by being an example of Jesus’ love. I thank God for giving me this extraordinary program at the perfect time in my life; a family that loved me even when I struggled to do so myself. A family that showed me God’s love.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Branch Winner Announcements (in no particular order), leading up to the big reveal of which contestant will claim the title as the 2020 National Winner! 

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  1. These are wonderful to read! Encouraging to hear the beautiful ways the CYT family can be the place kids/young adults can find the Hope in the Lord. To all leaders/teachers/ artistic teams…keep your eyes on Him, and lead with grace and mercy.

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