MyCYT Story 2020 National Winner: MADDIE REID

ANNOUNCING our 2020 MyCYTStory National Winner: MADDIE REID from CYT Houston! Congratulation to Maddie on a beautifully written entry. May God bless you in your future endeavors! Check out Maddie’s full story below:

I believe God has a way of placing things in our lives that he knows we need. For some people it’s football, or a youth group, or maybe even a best friend. Growing up, I always seemed to be lacking that special something. I didn’t fit in with my dance team, and I was too messy and nerdy for my new school, and with braces, playing the french horn was a little difficult. I couldn’t find something, or somewhere, that clicked with me.

My first CYT experience was a Newsies themed summer camp. I was given a big solo, which made me feel super fancy until I realized I would actually have to sing in front of my parents. I did it though, and despite the nervousness and fear, I was happier than I had ever been.

After that I decided to do a show. It was Mary Poppins, the cast had close to 100 people, and I was so excited to be a kite flyer and a park stroller. I still remember my pretty lace dress and the insane amount of makeup my mom would put on me. However, what I remember most, is being chosen to fly a big kite. Out of all people, I was one of the special ones chosen, and I couldn’t imagine anything better than that.

Flash forward a year. I auditioned for my third show, My Son Pinocchio Jr, and was cast as Stromboli. Holy cow, little thirteen year old maddie couldn’t believe she would be playing a lead role, let alone a villain. That artistic team made me feel so confident in myself, and that show is when I really began to step out of my comfort zone and make friends. I felt talented, and loved like I never had been before.

Since the beginning of my CYT story, I’ve done sixteen shows, been a part of HYPE for three years, and have been cast as leads, ensemble, and everything in between. However, my love for CYT isn’t from the number of shows I’ve done or how many roles I’ve had. Within CYT, I’ve found myself and found a place I can be loved, vulnerable, and connect with God.

Twelve year old Maddie had no idea that she would find a place where people would love her despite the fact that she didn’t brush her hair (or her teeth tbh). I still don’t understand how one community can be so loving and Christlike. CYT showed me that I’m loved for who I am, and that I should love myself for who I am. I was given people to look up to until I became the one kids look up to. I was taught how to be a leader, but also how to be a servant. I was given the chance to laugh, and then cry, and then laugh even more. I’ve made friends I value more than anything, and I’ve grown closer to my family than I ever was.

CYT is my place. CYT takes in the broken, unique, and awkward kids that not many other places will. I was a broken, unique, and awkward kid. Now I’m nearly an adult, and while I’ve still got a lot to learn, I’m not so broken. Maybe a little awkward, but now I know who I am, and I wouldn’t have that without CYT.

CONGRATS to all of our 2020 MyCYT Story Winners, plus ALL of you who submitted for this years competition! Your stories have touched many hearts, and we cannot wait to do it again in 2021.

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  1. Congratulations, Maddie! You are a beautiful lady and I’m so grateful that my daughter, Addie, has been able to be in a few shows with you! Thank you for being an excellent teen that my daughter could look up too.

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