MyCYT Story 2020 Branch Winner: KATHRYN WOOD

Our next Branch Winner announcement is: KATHRYN WOOD from CYT Sacramento! Check out Kathryn’s full story entry below:

My name is Kathryn, and here’s my story. When my older sister started CYT, I used to come and hide under a table and watch as the other kids in the show get into their costume and hair and make up. I came to CYT then not to make friends, but to escape the fear and terror of staying home with my dad. If mama made me stay home with him i fought her so hard. I knew that there would be a yelling match and maybe even something would get thrown and broken, as this happened a lot. Back in 2013 Claire (my sister) did Charlie Brown. I remember my mom asking if i wanted to try it, and me saying “no” that it was Claire”s thing. One day, when Charlie Brown was showing, my dad and i had a huge yelling match. my mom told us to stay home and work it out and when she went through the door my dad, Scott said to me “Get your stuff and go.” Unfortunately, mama had raced out and had left me by myself with a monster. I was so terrified that i ran up to my bedroom and sobbed for my mom to come back and get me. I soon cried myself to sleep and when i woke up, my dad was his quiet “in control” self again. He had weeks when he was barely under control and then came the weeks of sheer anger. As his family, and the ONLY ones he physically and verbally abused, we all thought it was our fault, and that we needed to change. I have since realized that it wasn’t me and that i wasn’t this bad kid that was too far gone to change. Skipping forward five years, my mom made my dad leave, which was traumatizing and so very relieving. My two older siblings and i decided to do Seussical the Musical at CYT. My first show was a different experience. i had never in my life been on a stage dancing and singing in front of so many people before. Looking back, i do wish i had started sooner. During that show, I met my amazing friends, Jocelyn Headrick and Aaliyah and Kiera Hoy. they taught me that no matter what you are loved for who you are. They are the most beautiful and wonderful friends ever. At one of the performances, my dad decided to come, uninvited and very secretive. When mama found out, she was furious. She knew that CYT was the one place I felt safe and that he had violated that safe place. I had an isle entrance and that’s when i saw my dad, coming through the door with the same look of anger and hate on his face. I don’t remember much, but i know i screamed and said “no no no” over and over again, sobbing and crying. i ran to my hiding place behind the coffee counter in the greenroom still crying and afraid. when i looked up, all the moms in the room had covered the entrance to my hiding spot. they let mama in, but no one else. Mama came and told me that the security men had gotten him out and had made a promise not to let him back in for another show. Claire and Alex didn’t ever see him, but i did, and i will never forget what one of the moms said. “Its okay, you’re safe.” she held me so tight and when my mama came they were told what had happened. They surrounded me and they didn’t know what was going on. That’s the type of people are at CYT. They have never again mentioned what happened. As i remember the look on Scott’s face, there was another emotion on it. it was fear. After i screamed , fear was on his face. My next show was Peter Pan. I was nervous at first because the director was a man. But after being in a show with Mr. Nunn you can’t help but love him. After Peter Pan it was Tuck Everlasting. Fun and it was with my favorite director Ms. Jinnae. She has been the most supportive director and that means so much to me. My most recent and favorite show was James and the Giant Peach. Also with Ms. Jinnae. I was a featured singer in this show so i got my first mic. Very fun until you take off the mic tape. RRRRIP!!!! My growth at CYT has been major and life changing. I used to be a quiet scared girl with anger and bitterness, and now i am strong, confident, happy, and most of all, i know i am loved and a child of GOD. Thank you CYT for making me who i am today.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Branch Winner Announcements (in no particular order), leading up to the big reveal of which contestant will claim the title as the 2020 National Winner! 

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