Help Invisible Children Raise $1 Million!

If you have yet to hear about Chase Community Giving and Invisible Children, today is the day! CYT San Diego Alum Jason Russell started the organization Invisible Children in 2003, in support of the abducted children of Uganda.

If you have yet heard- Chase Bank is giving away $1 million dollars to the charity with the most votes. We would like to encourage you to vote for Invisible Children, as they are neck-and-neck with another charity to receive this money. If Invisible Children wins, they will also give an additional $100K to those in Haiti.

Please take the time to vote- the details are listed below. We encourage you to spread this news to your family and friends as well. Thank you so much for supporting this cause!

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Our mailing address is:

Invisible Children Inc.

1620 5th Ave, Suite 400

San Diego, CA 92101

Copyright (C) 2009 Invisible Children Inc. All rights reserved.

Quote of the Week: Ghosts from CCT/CYT Past

For the next year our Quotes of the Week will consist of “Thank You” cards and letters from the CCT/CYT community. The catch? We are visiting our ghosts from CCT/CYT past. The memories will continue until July 13th, which marks the beginning of the CYT National Leadership Conference, Improv National Competition, HYPE, and 30th Birthday Celebration here in San Diego.

The purpose of the conference is to train and equip leadership to better serve their local CYT Areas across America; and to inspire and motivate leadership to support and carry out the CYT Model in their local Areas.

Here is a quote from CYT San Diego North County’s Cast from Cinderella:

Thanksgiving For Christmas, With CYT Denver


Recently CYT Denver received an unsolicited letter from parents Mark and Stephanie Raymond, after their production of “Thoroughly Modern Millie.”  The letter  below is addressed to the directors of the show, and details their daughter Darien Raymond’s evolution within CYT, specifically her role as Mrs. Meers.

“She was cast as a main character in ‘Millie’ and really blossomed and just blew us all away…. Out of nowhere she became an awesome performer, leader and great example to the other kids (she also ended up winning the Rose Award),” said Gary Dean Hathaway, of Darien.

A perfect read, for a splendid December night:

thanks from kc

Stage Manager Savannah Campbell: Quote Of The Week


“Even the director will say that the stage manager has more lines than actors and actresses because I’m telling people what to do during the whole play,”

– Savannah Campbell, 17, a senior at Corbett High School and the stage manager for CYT VanPort’s Pocahontas.

Savannah was recently interviewed by The Sandy Post– chatting mostly about why she loves being backstage, “I tell when the lights go on and off, I tell everyone when the show starts, I go to every rehearsal, I work on scripts,” she says. “I like the busyness, I like being involved that way. It takes a lot of work and time.”

Cozy up by the fire and read more about the cast of Pocahontas, here.

Belle, aka Sarah Roberts, at Disney Paris

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Good things come to those who wait.

Sarah Roberts, from CYT San Diego, spent two years perservering through auditions, all to land a position at Disney Hong Kong or Japan. She eventually decided to audition for an opening in Paris. Little did she know that after accepting the position in Paris, she would also be offered her initial choice, Hong Kong.

Decisions, decisions. So, Paris it was.

Her father, Doug Roberts visited her in the magical kingdom for his birthday this year, and said, “We watched as Sarah, aka Belle, greeted the children, and spent time with photo opps, and of course there was the big Main St. Parade. Birthday memories were made that I’ll never forget!”